ALM Squid Salmple style sample banks in ER-301

The newish ALM Squid Salmple has some neat functionality as a sampler. One of things I’m enticed by is the possibility to switch a bank of samples at one go. Has anyone worked out an internal patch to similarly switch a series of samples for multiple channels in the ER-301? The main use case scenario would be as a drum sampler. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere - I’m still very much learning my way around the 301.

This application will help in switching between samplers.

Build a drum sampler and duplicate. Load with different skins. Apply the above trick and that will do the job

There are also interesting alternatives including the use of a clocked stretch unit applying voltage over slice parameter.

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Simply build sample chains like [kick1, kick2… kick n], [snare1, snare2… snare n], etc. for your n “banks” and then modulate all playback slice parameters using the same CV to switch bank.

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Perfect. Thanks so much.

This is exactly what i want to do with the er301 but i am still not understanding this approach…

It sounds like it would work by having all sample players playing at the same time in the background, correct ? But how would i be able to have cv control over solo-ing one at a time ?

Any more help or detail on doing this would be much appreciated.

Ideally it seems like the best way to do this would be a way to just switch between sample chains as its playing instead of having to use multiple sample players all playing at the same time in the background.

So basically what i want to do is equivelant to using midi program changes on a traditional sampler such as demonstrated here:

If we’re talking about drums, then keep the sample players in one shot mode. So when you trigger it, it just plays for as long as the drum sample is, then stays quiet until triggered again.

One sample player per kit piece or voice, each inside a mixer - that way you can multiple kit pieces on at the same time. The sample player for the kick will have one kick sound in slice one, a different kick sound in slice 2, etc. Same for the snare. So when you move to slice 2, every sample player moves to a different sample and you’re effectively triggering a whole different kit.

That help?

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I just edited my post above with a bit more info on what i want to do.

Sorry for being slow here but it seems like the approach mentioned in this thread would cause the kick and snare to always be playing at the same time.? I must be missing something here in my understanding.
Maybe the idea your talking about involves using a different cv input for each sample player ?

What i want to do is monophonic(?) so only using one cv to select slice and another cv to select which sliced sample chain is playing…

Im probably not understanding because i still have not built anything myself in the er301.

Yes I think what we’ve been talking about up until now would have a different trigger input for each sample player.

If you are going for monophonic, you could have 1 sample player. Arrange your slices for example:

  1. Kick 1
  2. Snare 1
  3. Hihat 1
  4. Kick 2
  5. Snare 2
  6. Hihat 2

If you have 6 slices, and the sample player is in index mode, the value for the slice param to select each sample is going to be 1/6 or ~0.167. So to select Kick 1, slice is 0.0. To select Snare 1, slice is 0.167x1 = 0.167. To select Hihat 1, 0.167x2 = 0.333

You could have one CV with a trigger pattern into the gate control of the sample player. This just controls when a note/sample is fired. Note that you’ll probably need a Microdelay Unit inserted after the trigger in, to give the ER-301 a small amount of reaction time to change the sample before the trigger.

A second CV connected into slice could be used to select which sample you want to hear. 1, 2 or 3 with the values from above.

0.0 Kick 1
0.167 Snare 1
0.333 Hihat 1

Now once you get that going, you can also add an Offset Unit after your input to the slice control. Let’s say you were jamming with samples 1, 2, and 3, and that offset is at 0.

Now you want to switch to a different “program”. You could change the offset value to to 0.5. Your CV input for the selecting slice stays the same (0, 0.167, 0.333), but when you add the offset of 0.5, those values become 0.5, 0.667, 0.888. So those values now select samples 4, 5, and 6 instead of 1, 2, and 3. So you’ve changed out the kit from

Kick 1, Snare 1, Hihat 1
Kick 2, Snare 2, Hihat 2

Are we on the right track to what you’re trying to do? If we are and it’s still not clear I can probably do a video

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Yeah this sounds more like it but i would be using more than 3 samples per kit and many more kits. And actually it would be sliced beats/ breaks more than " kits". The result would be basically remixing multiple beats(which sometimes have different sounds) into new beats, if that makes sense…

I am guessing each sample slice would have to be the exact same length for the offset to select properly, correct ?

I will have to try and see if i can figure out how to try this out…
I am pretty sure others would find this quite usefull too.

Thanks much for your help . I do wish there was an easier way to achieve the behavior in the video i posted though. Using offset to try to select specific slices of different beats just seems like it would be too fiddly to get exact. Hopefully i am just over thinking it though.

Sure, it should support much more of each. I just gave an example of 3 samples and 2 kits to keep it simple.

Nope, should work with different length samples.

That part should be easy. It’s just math. The fiddily bit will be creating the sample sets, arranging everything in the proper order.

But yeah, just try it out and experiment. Post if you have questions. You’ll get there!

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Will do, thanks again !

This might be a helpful thread if you haven’t see yet.