[alpha] Dyson: Wavetable drum unit


The recent ALM Tyso Daiko module seems fantastic. I was also intrigued by the relative straightforwardness of the architecture, so I thought I’d try and recreate it in the 301.

I called it Dyson, because in comparison, it sucks. :slight_smile:

A few notes:
I’ve only recreated one half of the module – there’s just the wavefolded side, not the tilt EQ.
This requires, I think, at least:

There’s Teletype CV units in the subchains, as I’m using a Sweet 16 to control the various settings of Dyson. You might have to remove those. Alternatively, if you have i2c devices, I think I used i2c CV ports 1–6 and 9–10, so they’re mapped.

I included the AKWF chain I used for you – just selected it by ear (You will need to ‘slice by division’, 32 slices). to be faithful to the Tyso would be to have more vanilla waves loaded, but that’s where Dyson is more flexible – choose your own.

I’d appreciate any tips on making this as user-friendly as can be. Naming conventions, organization, something else? I’ve fallen off the 301 wagon a bit, so this is just a mess – originally for my use only, but it sounds nice, so I thought I’d make a thread.

Finally – this is no match for the Tyso Daiko, I have one on order, but it’s meant to be a fun experiment, and maybe it will be useful for some.

dyson.unit (47.2 KB)
Sample chain:


Okay, next iteration:

  • All controls brought to the surface (It’s now much easier to delete the Teletype controls at will)
  • Made the frequency controls match the Daiko more closely (the first iteration modulated pitch with a sine, not a ramp, which meant there wasn’t the start/end pitch controls the Daiko has)
  • Finally, tried making a package. Before I update the original post, could someone try and see whether the package actually installs for them?

EDIT: slice information does not get stored, so the waveform would need to be sliced to division, 32 slices. Also, the pitch controls are not working properly. Will troubleshoot.


dyson.pkg (67.8 KB)


One problem I noticed with the package: slice information for waveforms is not stored with the package. Is this something I should have done differently, or could it be that the packaging process leaves them out? @odevices ?