Alter Record and Group Quantize on Duration

Hey all!

Long-time reader of the forum but this is my first topic (and actually first post too!) Seems like a better place than Muff’s to get a clear understanding of this since this is all Orthogonal all the time:)

Here goes.

I’m trying to set up a generative patch using the alter record on the ER-102


  1. Set up a pattern of steps to whatever length in a track with equal duration on each step.
  2. Send CV to recording inputs A-1 (CV-A), A-2(CV-B), and AD-2 (Duration)
  3. Arm track and Send Periodic Gate to Punch In/Out to seed new material for existing steps

This works pretty good to give me generative phrases along with changing dynamics (via CV-B) but the problem I was having was in the duration…wanted to tighten this so more steps fell on the grid…

  1. To address this, I put all the steps in the track in a group, multed the Gate that punched in recording, and assigned the X-high transform to quantize to six, controlled by the punch in/out gate sitting behind a switch so I could still choose when the X-high transform was active…using 24ppqn so this should yield 16th’s on the low end and whole notes on the high end.

From my ears, the newly seeded durations for my steps were not getting quantized at all. Since the non-destructive transform doesn’t change the values shown in the duration window, I couldn’t see any feedback to confirm this…to test, I used the destructive transform to see if I wasn’t thinking about this correctly…the destructive transform quantized all the steps no problem and noticeably changed the groove/rythm

What am I missing here? Can I not use duration quantize on a mod channel and alter-record simultaneously?

Thanks for any assist you can provide.

The timing of alter record and group transforms is not quantized, but rather is applied in real-time when it receives the external signal. The design assumes that if you want effects to be sync’ed in time with some clock then your external signal should already be synced. In contrast, the timing of the destructive transforms (which can only be initiated by button presses) provides the option of being quantized (to step, pattern, or track) or not.