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Alternate black panel for the ER-301


My friend @paulstone has made a beautiful screen-printed aluminum black panel for the ER-301 (he comes from 5U, he likes black modular synths, and I do too). I have mounted it today, and here it is.

Thanks @odevices for allowing this kind of posts where we mess with your wonderful designs. :heart_eyes:


very nice looking job: the printing looks great!


Love it! Is this a one-off or will he be making a batch?


Beautiful panel :heart_eyes:
I want the same panel !


Would be very interested in one of these myself


He made 30 of them and won’t be making more afaik. Contact @paulstone if you want one. He’s a friend and he’ll sort you out. :wink:


PM sent thank you @phonk and @paulstone !


hi guys my name is Paolo i live in Italy and i have two er-301 :slight_smile:

thank you all for your panel appreciation !


@paulstone really interested in getting one of these from you! What do I need to do to make that happen? :slight_smile: cheers! They look amazing!


This looks amazing! PM sent!


Paolo wrote me and asked me to tell you he can’t reply to your messages right now, since, as a new user of the forum, he has a daily limit. He will be able to do it tonight. His name on Facebook is Paul S-tone if you are messenger-inclined. :grinning:


thank ya!


Amazing how different it looks, like a completely different module.
I just racked a black Stages minutes ago!


hi guys i’m back i have 12 panel left , now i try to reply your message

(edit the number of panel )


Hi I messaged you through Facebook a few days ago about the black panel .


Sent you a message 3 days ago, ready to order! :grinning:


ok reply done


only 2 left :slight_smile:

edit done no more panel


Congratulations on moving those out so quickly.


yes thanks the black panel is liked by many :slight_smile: