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Alternate black panel for the ER-301

I‘m selling my unused black panel combo.
Still has the protection plastic on it.

€85,- + shipping.
Paypal F&F.


I have 13 panels ready, the others will be ready for next week .
So whoever wants to enter these 13 can send me a private message, I will ask you for your address and I will give you the information for paypal payment. I only ship when all 13 panels are sold.

ER-301 balck panel Interested user :

1X SHINUK (paid)
1X azrrik (paid)
1X cryosion (paid)
1X zenripper (paid)
1X adroneinthelife (paid)
1X lleicamun (paid)
1X kris0117 (paid)
1X JohnnyVonHifi (paid)
1X GlennFin (Paid)
1X Audiobender (paid)
1X GadgetMad (paid)
1X intowhite (paid)


hey guys I don’t see much enthusiasm here !
5 panels to make the first shipment .

Come on people pay this man! :rofl: (in order to make me happy…) Christmas is coming!

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@GadgetMad @brownshoesonly @vasquez @Ivo_Ivanov @Richie @TAQO @manuelkern @Liquidyzer @BKCP @eyeiaye

You guys wanted these panels, well here’s your chance! Don’t miss out! See Paul’s post to pay so he can start shipping these.


@JohnnyVonHifi @alexk @bodymeta @cbeal @GlennFin

I couldn’t mention everyone in one post so here’s for the rest of you guys. Panels are ready!

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Thanks for the mention, I will order one

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Hi, just received email because someone mentioned me. I want one of these still, please. (I am new here, how do you PM?)

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Sign me up

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yep pm me

I sent a pm and can send payment right away. Thanks!


Newer members of the forum may not yet have PM privileges FYI

@GadgetMad @alexk
You need to PM paulstone in order to get the panel. he needs payment and your address (do not post it in the main forum). Just click on his username and there should be a ‘message’ button. If you don’t see it, you may be too new, or not have posted enough times to get that privilege, I can’t remember how it works exactly. If that’s the case just tag him in a reply and see if he can PM you.

Just a few more and Paul can ship the panels!

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I can’t PM as I am a new member - apparently you can PM me - do so and I will send payment, cheers!

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@paulstone I also am too new to PM

Ok, it’s December and I’m sweating :sweat_smile: wondering who will win the rush for the 13th place …

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@paulstone it looks like alexk is number 13, would you mind sending them a PM for payment? I think then you should have all 13, and can ship the panels. Just in time for Christmas!

hi i have 11 panel payed , but in any way i will ship these 11 until this week .

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inboxed you. thanks

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I would like to purchase one if there’s one left.
Send a direct message