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Alternate black panel for the ER-301


I have a suggestion! I’m here to help but for efficiency if you have any questions or problems concerning panel removal please post in this thread (which I will watch) rather than emailing me individually. Also could be helpful if a few of you shared your panel removal stories here?


Good luck!


A question I’ve been asked is: how did you remove the rounded jack nuts?
This. Lots and lots of tape. :grinning:


I’ve been pondering this for a while, assumed there was a proprietary plier set I would have to purchase, hilarious to instead learn that the answer is actually duct tape, felt and/or old gloves. :rofl:


will you be making anymore , I would take on .


Hi neilmcm
no more , still i have a pair, but I keep them in case someone gets the damaged panel . if all the panels will be received intact I inform you .

thx !


panels shipped :wink:


Thanks Paul


I’ll take the other 1 of the pair if available? Otherwise, will there be more produced in the future?


ok . i don’t think to produce more panel , want not disturbe Brian .


They certainly look lovely :wink: I am sorry I missed out on the fun!


I’m super bummed I missed the ordering. If anyone decides they don’t want theirs, please reach out to me. Thanks!


If anyone wants to sell me their old nostalgia panel I’ll buy it !


Receive mine black panel !
Thank @paulstone

but now I want a black panel for the teletype !


Mine just urned up, looks great - really nice quality! Good work @paulstone



This should be added to modular grid :wink:

Perhaps if someone has a suitable image?


Oo it hurts! — how did i miss out on this! :sob::grinning:


My panel arrived at work after I left for the Xmas break so I’ll have to wait until I return to do mine … Any tips to be shared when you reached your panel?


Well everyone it turns out that I like my gray Nostalgia faceplate most of all and will let my black one from Paul Stone go to someone else who really wants one. I paid $63 after currency conversion, Paypal fee, and postage so I’m selling it for $63 plus postage should someone else decide they’d like one. PM me.

Edit: Sold


@Unity2k I just signed up because I was looking to see if anyone was working on custom panels. I think I need more time before I can PM you but I’m 100% interested if it’s still available!


@Unity2k if this falls through, please let me know