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Alternate black panel for the ER-301


It’s very simple to swap the panel
I just put some electrical things (I don’t remember the name) on my pliers to protect the panel when unscrewing jack… !


Hi Brian, I really love the round locking nuts on the ER-301. I would like to replace my other modules with the same type. Any chance you can tell me what kind they are or where to get them? Thank you!


IIRC, you can’t buy them, they are custom-made.


Say it ain’t so! :frowning:
I’ve been checking for 3.5mm (m6) round locking nuts but no luck so far.


My black ER301 in situ … looks great!



Looks good!

Aghhh I want the Nerdseq so bad. Is it amazing???


It is AMAZING … hardly got into as of yet but the possibilities are massive