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Alternate black panel for the ER-301


where did you find a different color encoder knob??? looks great with the black and red buttons!


I asked Brian for the drawing of the knob (they’re custom made), remade it in FreeCAD, and am getting one washer and one knob printed in gold plated steel on Shapeways. I’m going to post a thread about the whole process with the files to download once I receive the parts and can be sure they work.


Soi how much are these guys???
If you got one: how much did you pay?


Where did you source the button caps?


This info is available on the wiki:



For all the other colors you can check out this search on Digikey.

Something to keep in mind in terms of the part numbers is that the D6Cx0F1 and D6Cx0F2 have different amounts of activation force. The ones that ship with the ER-301 are the F1 variant with less activation force.


the black alluminium panel cost 35€ plus ship , but i have only 3 left and tomorrow i go in post for ship it.
later I do not take this commitment anymore .
thank you all .


exact the variant F1 has 1.8 Newton , F2 3.5 Newton


Hi Paul, I would like to purchase a black panel if they are still available. Thanks!


yes i have one , but not time to go in post office soon .
alternative is ups that come to pick them up from my home


Latest panel shipped .


Ups works for me! I can send payment today!


ok send me a p pm


Can you PM me? Sorry but looks like I can’t contact you. Thanks!


Wondering how you got the orange screens out of the original panel…
I think I may have screwed something up :frowning:

Using alcohol to soften the glue up but I was a little to jittery.
I could cry now…


There isn’t any glue, it’s just friction-fit. And the alcohol potentially weakened the plastic…

Paging @M-Evans, who has experience with DIY screen cover replacements.


I had to remove some glue blobs after the screens came off :frowning:
Paged Brian in the hope he sells those orange screens seperatly.


nooo ! . did you put the glue because the screen had come off ?


Oh man… I feel almost sick.
The Orange screens were glued in on the corners. I had to remove some blobs on the original front. They didn’t fit on the black screen and had to glue again.
The large screen isn’t even the worse tbh the small one was scratched in the process.

I’m paying dearly for this vanity


I know it feels bad, I have done similar things, but one way or another I am certain that this will be sorted :wink: