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Alternate black panel for the ER-301


in mine i have add some tape , no glue there


I wish I was as smart…


I also accidentally scratched one of my screen covers when I was installing the black panel.
I was able to clean up the scratches with some headlight polishing compound, a microfiber cloth, and a few minutes of polishing.


No need to feel bad! This could happen to anyone.

Give me a few days and I will add display lenses to the web store. It will be around $8-10 for a set, basically all shipping cost.

I learned something new!


Thank you so much!
Will tape them in carefully now.


Any more panels available @paulstone ?


yes just latest one


Fine ! . tomorrow or max Tuesday I will send the last .
thx !


cool , yes it is not intense black ,
so match better with the color of the display and cap


Dang, did I miss out on these?


Hi Brian,

Do you have an idea when these lenses will be available on the Webshop?
I’m feverishly checking the site every day (^ω^)


This is taking longer than I expected. I’ll just email you a PayPal invoice.


Thanks for the effort and sorry for being pushy!


Gold knob and washer arrived. The weight of the stainless steel makes for a very pleasant UI navigating experience.


Any chance you’ll be sharing that FreeCAD file now that you know it works? :slight_smile:


Absolutely, but if you order it, you might want to scale things up. Shapeways’ tolerance for the 3D printed steel is massive, so I can’t really be of much help in suggesting how much, as each order can vary depending on where the part is in the overall casting when they go from plastic to metal.
I had to enlarge both the hole in the washer and knob with a carbide burr in my dremel tool to get them to fit, and the hole for the set screw is too small to tap with an m3 tap. I slowly increased the size of the hole for the knob until it was a very tight slip fit for the encoder shaft, and attached it with some blue loctite, so I can remove it if I need to.

ER-301 Encoder + Washer Files.zip (1.2 MB)