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Alternate black panel for the ER-301


Someone is selling their faceplate for $80 on Facebook in the modular synthesizer sales and trades group


Is it possible to share vector file of the panel?
There is new demand, maybe we can arrange new run of black panels


Sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:


hi guys in the end of this week i have some panel ready (about 20)
but if you want build yourself all files you need they’ve always been there , in OD wiki


If you planning to sell those panels, please count me…


If you’re selling i’m buying :slight_smile:


Yes, count me in as well if one of these 20 are available.


I’m in as well.


+1 for me too


Oh my… i am also late to the party, but I want a black panel too! Let me know if and when they are availlable again! It looks so sexy in black :sunglasses:


ok . I’ll talk to you at the weekend, I’m doing it :slight_smile:


Great! Thnx!


Great to see more of these being made :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the ER-101/2 panels too folks, we’re not far off those being a reality too:


Yes i saw that but I dont have the combo… yet… i only have an 101. Would love a 101 black panel next to the 301… the combo panel is looking really good though


I’d be interested in a black panel.


I would like to buy a black panel as well!


can anyone comment on how difficult is it to put the black panel on? seems. like it might be a trickier panel swap than your average module.


It’s pretty straightforward. Detailed here http://wiki.orthogonaldevices.com/index.php/ER-301/Maintenance_and_Repair#Removing_the_panel

Some things to watch out for that I’ve noticed in removing the panel a number of times:

  • Be careful with the orange acrylic display lenses. They can be scratched easily by rubbing against components that are attached to the circuit board.
  • Work in a very dust free area, as the displays and lenses tend to attract dust, and it can get caught between the OLEDs and the acrylic when reassembling. Having a tape loop of blue painter’s tape can help grab any dust off the acrylic or displays without putting any tiny scratches in the acrylic lenses.


I took the liberty of adding your suggestions to the wiki. :bowing_man:


Oh cool! I’m happy I could contribute to it!