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Alternate black panel for the ER-301


hello guys i’m here , panels ready .
write me here to add or remove interested users for the er-301 black panel .
the panel cost like before 35€ each plus ship .


Nicken85 (paid)
fishdog (paid)
Matos (paid)
Jungleofwires (paid)
nreeves (paid)
Yumibill (paid)
loitering (paid)
yuya (paid)
Duckett (paid)
alexroldan (paid)
Brad_Barth (paid)
joelxparker (paid)
ssirkriss (x3 paid)
vestin7322 (paid)
joncharliefeathers (paid)
gnomedrone (paid)
angroc (paid)
Lance_Drake (paid)


Long time lurker first time poster. I am extremely interested in getting a black face panel. How do I get involved?


Small bag from mouser and printed excel BOM…
What are you building there?


Can’t see a way to PM (sorry), but I’m certainly interested in ordering


hehe sorry i have made this photo in a fast way , to build the monsoon clouds


Hi i’d like to buy a black panel.


Yep, I’m still in!


I want to buy! Still available?


These black panels are really luring the lurkers out :laughing:


Alas not enough on the 101/2 panel :disappointed_relieved:


I think there are more ER-301’s then ER-101’s around…
You have to have the combo 01/02 to buy that black panel as well. I would love a black panel for my 101 but I dont have the combo (yet) and I dont know if I would buy it in the near future because I do fine without it. But… i know if I buy a 102 i cant do without it anymore and def. want a black panel then :grin:


Hey @paulstone, yes I am still interested! Let me know how to pay you for the panel.


for who want buy the panel send me a p.message


i force the user to buy also the 102 , so Brian … :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


This broke my lurker status! I would like one if there are any left! (don’t think I have pm privileges yet)


Don’t forget me!!! :black_heart:


added :slight_smile:


Would also like one


I’d like one. Please add me.


me too pls add me