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Alternate black panel for the ER-301


I seriously want one but it would have to be with the certainty that the ER-101/102 was going to happen. Then if the ER-101/102 happened and you were no longer going to make ER-301 black panels I’d then have to pass on that panel too. :frowning:


Hehe :slight_smile:

I totally get where you are coming from, 101/2 not looking likely at the moment… :frowning:



Please add me to the Black Panel list.



Guys now I have only 6 panels left, for those who want it this is the last chance. Monday I want to send all the panels ! .


As cool as this is, what I really want, is Orthogonal Devices Nostalgia like panels for all my other modules :slight_smile:


I’ll take one PM sent


Can I have one


Ill take one! PM sent


@paulstone Hey! I’d love a black ER 301 black panel if you still have one. :slight_smile: (doesn’t seem like I can PM yet, sorry)


2 left :slight_smile:


preach ! :star_struck:


finished thanks to all


Panel shipped


will there ever be more made and be available again?