Alternative to MuffWiggler

Hey folks,

So I am missing MW, it’s been what, 5 days now?

Are there any alternatives for general synth/Euro/DIY discussion?

Do we think it will ever come back?

thanks @taichber :slight_smile:

Looks interesting if a little quiet!

I just did a search on Twitter and apparently MW should be back up in a few days - that was posted yesterday - hope they can get it sorted! I can imagine it’s a bit of a nightmare :frowning:

Always liked MW, even the more erm… colourful side of it has generally always been ok! But really missed it these last few days!

I think there is no real alternative to muffwiggler. Maybe they migrate their forum software to a more recent one. Would be cool.

Migration of a forum that size would be an onerous task for sure, really not easy!

I think you are right, there is only MW!

I guess the only real alternative is the Facebook group, maybe I should just go for that, it keeps coming up and a few folks been gently nudging me in that direction to promote the T-shirts and the Thonk builds. It’s just… Facebook - argh!!!

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I’ve been spending a lot of time over at Lines. You’ll see a lot of the same faces you see here. The forum is primarily about Monome but you’ll see talk about music theory, process, technical issues and the Mannequins line from Whimsical Raps is also discussed extensively.


That’s a great suggestion @TimefireVR - thanks!

I have found myself there on a number of occasions and always enjoyed reading the things I found there.

My main reason for not spending too much time there is for the sake of my bank balance hehe :joy_cat:

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I’m having the worst GAS where it appears only spending close to $2500 will quell the rumblings of want. Sadly desire does not produce cash.


Hehe, it’s all part of the game :slight_smile:

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It really is, and I think it is probably out of the scope of what the site can afford. Best case would be to have an old forum that is read only and a new forum using discourse or something.


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Yup. Lines is great. Super helpful and supportive people over there.
Way less of the bullshit that you find at MW


why is it down?

I think the Omnimod thread finally imploded…


So has my patience waiting for that thing. I hope WMD gets firmware someday. As I doubt I’d ever get my $ back at this point… I think I put money down on it in 2015 knobcon!


Seconded. Lines and here are my favourite haunts. I’m really trying to kick my MW habit. Although that omnimod thread is particularly amusing.

No clear explanation on that, other then Mike (the owner) is in the hospital with an undisclosed health issue. (I hope he feels better, of course!)

The Patreon page for the forum just reached it’s first stretch goal and is close to reaching the 2nd goal. On that page it says the site is expected to be back up sometime after Oct 1st.

Regarding the alternative to Muffs: I find this forum to be excellent. The comrade here is great. But like lines there is and should be a manufacturer specific focus, and that of course limits the dialog. Muffs really needs to update their forums software, and it doesn’t need to be painful.


Oh dear, sorry to hear Mike is unwell… hope he gets better very soon!!

Might need to get this as an embroidery on my kitchen wall.

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Lines is the most supportive, creative, provocative, inspirational and intellectually challenging online community I’ve ever found. It is not Muffs but it is worth your time if you are committed to learning and performing.


Been on lines since picking up a teletype a while back and love it. Also a lot of modular insiders there as well. Really good threads.