Alternatives to sample slicing

While I enjoy the slice interface for chopping up loops, phrases, and recorded buffers, I don’t think it’s the right idiom for all sample-addressing tasks. For example, I think it’s fairly poorly suited to “traditional” multisampling techniques (e.g., Akai keygroups, Roland partials, etc.). I don’t know what the master plan for sample playing units is, but before pouring all efforts into tricking out the slice-based sampler, perhaps it’s worth taking a step back to consider alternative approaches.

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May I suggest an existing thread?

Just for reference, that is.

I don’t know what Roland partials are but isn’t an Akai keygroup just mapping a single sample on to the chromatic scale? If so, you can already do that in the existing player.

Based on the other thread, it would seem that you’re planning a sample player that’s more oriented towards playing pitched samples with a sustained portion, which I would like to see.

It’s true that you can do that for a single sample. What I would like be able to do is assemble a “key map” (although non-chromatic addressing might also be useful) of multiple samples, used in more or less the same way that multiple slices from a single sample (buffer) are currently used.