An idea for Contextual Scopes

I’m finding that it takes a lot of jumping around using the contextual scope if I want to tweak multiple parameters and still see this scope. IE: the Fold unit.

It takes 3 key strokes once you’re within the scope to choose another parameter… i.e.: changing the scope from upper to lower parameters.

What if when in the contextual scope view is activated (using the same current method), then pressing the M button below the parameter could cycle between any parameter in the unit that supports the contextual scope. Then, you can jump around between parameters and adjust while keeping an eye on the waveform.

Could prove useful for adjusting i.e.: the wave folder. or envelope follower. The Up button could then take the user back to the usual unit view.





Hi Neil, I agree, I often like to see the envelope shape when tweaking the various parameters and I’m finding I have to go back & forth from the unit to the outside of the unit to see the resulting envelope shape. Reducing this back & forth would be a great help.


Great idea.

What about locking the contextual scope to the current parameter ? What is the “focus” (shift+S3) supposed to do ?

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Yes - this is right!!

I like the idea of locking the scope to a parameter very much :slight_smile:

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Great ideas here. I’ve been noticing this as well. That in the contextual scope view, I’m expecting the up button to both come up out of the scope view and the currently selected parameter, ready to scroll left/right.

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Just as I can go into “Full Screen” mode by pressing M1 or M2 when Sample Player is displaying a file for slicing I’d like to request that the same full screen option be available when viewing a Contextual Scope by pressing M3 or M4, which do not currently have a function that I can see.

The purpose of the request is purely for the aesthetic value to me.

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