And the biggest idiot is

… me! i just spilled coffee over the er301, quite alot actually. immediately switched everything off and put the module in a safe space, cleaned it with some kitchen paper but now i’m scared to death…
what can i do, just wait and try it out in a few hours or is there an emergency guide for idiots somewhere?


Oh boy. I’m going to let someone more knowledgeable than me give you advice here. But I just wanted to express my sympathy.

My approach would be to first let it dry, then get some q-tips with isopropyl alcohol and carefully clean it off, let it dry again and then turn it on and cross my fingers. At least that’s the usual treatment for liquids spilled over electronics that I’m aware of. Best to wait for Brians opinion, though.

In general, as long as it didn’t immediately switch off itself or start smoking before you turned it off, you have a very good chance that it’ll be just fine after cleaning. Good luck!

thanks, ah man i think i have to remove the faceplate to clean it…but i guess that’s not possible without the correct screwdriver for the big knob…ok i wait and hope

Are you in the states? PM me if you’d like to discuss access to a electronics drying device (custom vacuum chamber with hot air warming cycles). With something like coffee you would want to thoroughly disassemble and rinse with distilled water and isopropanol before drying as the dissolved solids can leave conductive residue when dried.

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thanks but i’m in switzerland here,
ja i think i have to fully disassemble, as far as i see it the coffee stayed to 98% on the panel and the rest got between buttons and faceplate

Good luck with the recovery operation! After cleaning it my only caution is to patiently wait before plugging it back in… small crevices take some time to dry.

The knob is easy to remove. There is a set screw on the side, It’s a 1.5mm hex.

Damn, I am sorry to hear this - I also would be shocked to death, great that you managed to immediately turn everything off though. In my experience in most cases nothing severe happens then and I hope your 301 will be fine after a good clean!


Sad to hear this…
I don’t really know how the ER-301 looks from the inside since I don’t have one. But I would recommend to disassemble it to a point where there are no more tiny spaces where liquids can get trapped.
Rinse it with the cleanest water you can possibly get (at least distilled water or Milli-Q water if you can get a hand on that). Then rinse it with some pure alcohol (something like Isopropanol, Ethanol or Methanol) to get rid of the water. Let it dry in a warm well ventilated place.

id be most worried about moisture. I wonder if the rice and module in a sealed back would help (the iPhone dropped in toilette fix)

I hope there was no sugar or milk in the coffee?

I would first remove the panel and wash it separately. I prefer ethanol but any alcohol will work (both as a water displacer and cleanser).

Next some pictures of the de-paneled module would help determine the next step. If it looks like no liquid got behind the button caps (on to the contacts) or into the jacks, then lots of ethanol and q-tips should be able to remove any residue and moisture. A hair dryer (after thorough cleaning) will also help.

If it turns out you did get sugary coffee inside the jacks and buttons then we might have a more extensive cleaning task ahead.

Shouldn’t it just dry over time as it is not encapsulated as the iphone is?

Oh and I guess I forgot to mention that, once it is dry your ER-301 is likely to be electrically fine. The real problem is corroded or dirty electrical contacts (like inside the jacks and buttons). Those are the most vulnerable to this kind of mishap.

thanks everyone,
i can’t find a screwdriver that fits so i have to wait til tomorrow.
my coffee consists of 90% sugar and the rest finest italian espresso…so i’m worried about that too @brian

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so just to close this thread, everything is fine again, cleaned the faceplate and the buttons, everything else was thankfully completely coffee free, here’s a picture of the ugly buttons:

and of course the module works perfectly and sounds even better now! … now i need a coffee!

cheers :+1:


This thread reads like a thriller :sweat_smile: glad everything’s okay!!


Non-Roasted! :slight_smile:

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Seasoned. :rofl:

First Coffee, Then Work :joy: