Any interesting use of heavy pan

I found it very easy to set a wav with a 50% chance of playing, and randomizing the volume – in stereo.

To do this I just did the same in both out1 and out2: using a sample and hold on a white noise player so that there is a 0.25 chance of a unipolar vca [with the wav as an input] being set between a random value between 0 and 1. This was pretty lightweight, and I repeated this process with further wavs and audio ins. I had to add some quick slew limiters to avoid popping.

I’d post the unit but it’s pretty boring. So my question is whether there are any cult / interesting uses of panning, especially in eurorack, as the er-301 could probably emulate them.

I stumbled across this video recently. It’s about the Intellijel Quad VCA. Around 7:30 he starts doing some interesting heavy pan stereo effects. I found it kind of inspiring. You should be able to replicate that with the ER-301.


I’m not sure that Intellijel promotional videos count as CULT [yet?] :smiley: but thanks, sounds interesting and I’ll report back if and when.

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Ha! I actually don’t think that’s an official intellijel video.

The types of things he does are not really in my standard bag o’ tricks, so I guess that’s why I found it interesting.

My favourite use of heavy pan is two use to sines L and R hardpanned. Copy whatever you set up on L (channel 1) to R (channel 2) and set freq of channel 2 just slightly apart for “beating heaven” by using the freq and fine parameter. No use to do a “unit” for this imo.