Any Sweet Sixteen MK2 users using MIDI out from Ableton to ER-301

So I have my Sweet Sixteen and ER-301 working for slider control of SC.CV with no problems, and I’ve hooked up my USB to the Sweet Sixteen and Ableton sees it and I have launched the MIDI browser page to edit the MIDI for the Sweet Sixteen… now what? I cannot seem to get any messages from Ableton to go out to the actual corresponding port on the ER-301. I’ve searched through the forums and found a lot about the steps before where I am but nothing on this. Any help?

Ha. I have a SSmk2 and still have never tried to use it for MIDI. I think I will try to see where I get maybe I can help, but in the meantime it helps to isolate issues to the smallest amount of variables. First, can you get MIDI to the SS period? As in just normal MIDI to CV without the 301 in the equation?

Oh wait, looking at the product page I don’t see that it actually does MIDI to CV, it’s the other way around, CV to MIDI, at least according to what’s listed in the features:

It must be possible because Ableton sees it as both an in and out MIDI device and there is alternate firmware from scannerdarkly that claims to support it.