Any tips on mangling and modulating drum samples?

Hi all,

I just fired up my ER301 after a bit of a hiatus and controlled some drum samples with a Malekko Varigate 8+. It’s a good combo! I’d love to know how you all modulate and animate drum samples within the 301 while you’re triggering them.

I set a global LFO to modulate stuff like the panning for the hi hats as well as low pass filter sweeps and the pitch on a variable speed player – just wondering what else I could do to add animation to the drum patch.

Also, I ended up hitting critical load with 8 stereo mixes (6 drum samples and two external synths). Is that normal? I had planned on setting up a few more things, as the patch is still kind of bare bones, but I’ll have to delete some stuff first. I’m mostly using raw card players sitting in stereo mixers, followed by an EQ. Is there a more efficient way to do things in terms of CPU load?


Are you on the 48khz or the 96khz firmware? Latest version?


good call @a773. also, @SuitcaseLooper, are you aware of @a773’s cpu measurements?
(not sure whether they reflect the current firmware, though) it should give you some idea how certain units are using the available cpu ressources. keep in mind those numbers reflect units in a mono channel on 48kHz.

not sure whether this is an option for you but the fixed HPF unit could considerably save you ressources in case you’re willing to use a set-and-forget tool just to clean up the low frequency range of certain instruments and mixes. unfortunately you still can’t modulate it but it’s a very effective tool in my opinion…

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Oh wow, the firmware was VERY out of date actually – I’m not used to software enabled modules, didn’t occur to me to check or that that might be the cause. I bet that will help though, thanks very much!

Thank you!


Some new users seem to gravitate towards 0.4, however I’d recommend the latest (atm 0.5.03), it’s super stable, might even be a tiny bit faster than 0.4 + most of the new units floating around on this forum will expect you to run the latest…

A note on 48khz: You’ll get double the amount of units running but double the latency. I don’t know where others are, but I’m ok with the latency (and I even use the 301 for a lot of percussion and drums). So I suggest you start with 48khz and see if that’s low latency enough for you :slight_smile:

you can always synthesize your percussions inside the 301 for even more timbral animation! if you want to check a starting point you can have a look at my Baron Cimitière custom unit , or other drum custom units by other forum members! i find it always inspiring to craft my drums from scratch!


Thanks, I’ll take a look at that!

Another thread recommended envelope followers taking the envelope from drum samples and using it to open filters and so on, going to try that too.

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