Anyone have some tips for triggering sliced drum loops? Getting odd results

I have a drum loop loaded up into a RAW player, did the slicing inside the 301. I’m triggering the gate (G1) via the Eloquencer, and CV from the same Eloquencer channel into (IN1) which is tied to Slice, I set Gain to just 500 as that seems to be all I need to reach all the Slices in the first bar of the loop.

I’ve tried dialling in the correct notes (voltage) for each step, but on playback I’m getting very random results. Sometimes the kick plays exactly where it should, sometimes it’s a different slice entirely (or it’s the end of a different slice perhaps?). I’m using the Index parameter for slice select, not sure if that’s the best to use, and I did try the other two, but it didn’t improve things.

Play Duration = Once
Play Extent = Slice (does a new trigger end a slice playback early so the new trigger/slice gets priority?)
Slice Polarity = Leftmost (It was on default Symmetric, but I was trying things out…again, not sure which is the best option for what I want to do)

I also tried Voltage Block instead of the Eloquencer for sending the Slice voltage, but things became even weirder (although, it sounded really cool in a glitchy way).

Anyone have a clue what I could be doing wrong here? Could it be that the actual loop is too long, requiring the voltages to be very fine/accurate? (I think it’s about 8 bars, but I’m only using 1 bar hence I’m only using 500 gain for slice)

Did I slice too much? I sliced pretty much everything on the loop, but it wasn’t necessary, maybe I’ll delete a load of them after the bar I’m using.

Does this help:

Ohh, thanks for that. Makes sense now. The Slice CV needs time to select a slice before the trigger hits, or else you get a double hit of the same Slice…and it does sound like that’s exactly what is happening.

Can a simple delay inside the ER-301 be added to the trigger input? or is that not possible?

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Never mind, I did it. Added a normal Delay after the G1 trigger input, and set delay to 5ms now it plays exactly the Slice I programmed on the correct step :slight_smile:

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Cool! Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:

Then Micro Delay Unit is perfectly suited to this purpose and is less CPU intensive.

Ah thank you, I’ll swap it over for that one instead. I’m intending to add a bunch of stuff (experimenting) after my drum loop, for crazy glitching so I might need that CPU headroom :slight_smile:


Just poking my nose in to increase awareness of the wiki :wink:

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