Anyone tried to replicate the Forge-TME Vhikk in the ER-301?

Sounds like an incredible module. Anyone got it, or tried to replicate it in the ER-301 by any chance? :slight_smile:

Same question here !


I like the look and sound of Vhikk but I can’t say I know what it is doing!

The general architecture consists of a bank of wavetable oscillators [the generator ] sent through a filter section which then passes into a delay-based structure [the processor ] - with the specific architecture and character of these sections dependent on the selected mode.

It seems not too hard to build something like that within the ER-301 with a nifty distribution of control voltage to set the individual frequencies, dely times and feedback. This part seems more complicated though:

There is a frequency shifter integrated into the processor, either post delay-structure or in the feedback loop depending on mode and FEED position.

Wow that’s an exciting prospect. I am very new to the ER-301 but lucky enough to now have the opportunity to learn it. Also I was an instant Vhikk fan upon first hearing its cthonic tones so I’m interested in this idea but not yet confident to try.

I’m planning on getting the v2 Vhikk which I believe is in the works. Email the maker if you’re interested in that.

i tried an approximation of a frequency shifter, you can find it here if you want to try to integrate it into a more complex patch:

There is a frequency shifter in the Lojik collection, wouldn’t that work?