Arm Foot switch?

Hi guys I’m trying to find a foot switch that can plug directly into an input of the 301 to arm a looper. Does anyone know if a standard guitar foot switch would work or does it need to be “active”? If anyone has had any luck lmk! I’m not trying to buy another piece of eurorack for the pedal to plug into - I’d like the pedal to plug directly into the 301.


You could make one with a battery and a switch. Basically you just need something that puts out 5-10v when you press a switch so I’m pretty sure a 9 volt battery connected to a switch would work.

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Ok there MacGyver :slight_smile: that’s pretty clever

Edit: I’m using a plus Standard Sustain Pedal from Proline | Proline PSS1 to great effect

Edit2: I just tried plugging my pedal straight in using an adapter and it basically works if you give it a ton of gain.

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saw the ritual 1u, do you need to use little 1/4" expander for the pedal to work or can you use a 1/8 to 1/4 wire?

what adapter? like if you just add a bunch of vcas?

For the pointeuse I use the 1/4" expander and plug my footswitch into it.

For my test going straight into the er-301: I plugged my footswitch into a 1/4" → 1/8" adapter and then straight into an ABCD input. Then I used the linear bipolar vca to mutiply the signal by like 10

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rad - that trick works for the all flesh too!

think that means any smaller Footswitch would work?

Yea my footswitch is completely unpowered, so I imagine any footswitch would work this way. TBF I have no idea why this works

ghost in the machine? @odevices

Lol I mean it’s something to do with resistors, basic EE stuff that I’m just unaware of

this something this stupidly small would work?

even better - this one has a little light to tell you if your are armed…

I think that JHS pedal is a toggle switch? But otherwise it might work on the same principle.

The Laney takes 9v power so it would probably produce some appreciable signal

Apparently there’s other more effective ways using an offset voltage plus a mult Boss fs-5/6 foot pedal output voltage - MOD WIGGLER

Not sure this is helpful but just reminder the inputs 1-4 can be switched to line level in the settings. Might help with the gain.

Love the design of that 1U module, and I even have a spot for it in my tiny case…