Arp/Programming Question

Hi there folks, hope you are doing well? So I use drum racks quite a lot (a different sample per note) and then use an arppegiator to trigger different sounds and find new patterns. With things like bump scanner etc. I wondered if anyone has found some interesting ways to either implement or evolve this idea on the ER-301? Cheers!

Shouldn’t the idea be evolved on the arpeggiator side of things (i.e. outside of the ER-301)? I’m always surprised when people want to try sequence things inside the ER-301. Perhaps, I’m overly projecting my love of control voltage on everyone? :thinking:

Hey there, I am thinking about creative ways to interpret incoming voltages, routing them using creative ideas to some way of playing samples where each note of 1v/Oct is a different sample, sound possible?

Of course, I believe many things are possible but probably not as fun as manipulating the CV before it got to the ER-301? I’m not trying to stop you! I’m just curious as to why you would think to do it this way as opposed to from an external sequencer or modulation module where it is easier to control live?

You are not the only one I’ve asked this question. It is something that surprises me and hence I would like to know more about the thinking behind it. :wink:

My current theory is that people have allocated a large proportion of their modular to sound generation rather than CV generation/manipulation.

Sorry to derail the thread by the way. Probably should have started a new topic.

I think not many people have tried using Manual Grains to generate interesting (internal) control signals from a recording of external sequencer playing various melodies.


Hey there Brian, yeah I would agree, after a few years I decided to go 1 to 1 in terms of sound creation/modification, even filters/VCAs etc. I would always look for some kind of CV source. That’s why we need the ER-401 Voltage Computer. 16 Outputs, similar concept to 301 but using CV creation for output. For creating complex CVs/Sequences, sound good:)

Well played :smiley:

Although I think I would prefer the ER-302 which is the same idea but an expander for the ER-301!

Do you not have a means of feeding the arpeggios from ableton to the 301 via midi/cv. Surely simplest answer is to use your existing method to generate your pattern (arp from ableton live) and then let the 301 get jiggy with interpreting it.

Always looking for ways out of the DAW:)

I would also like a 301 expander, a way to get non audio rate signals out of the 301. I think I could probably lose a few modules if that ever happened.

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There’s a lot of fun to be had driving multiple drum racks from different related clocks which are combined together with logical functions. That might be fun to combine with an arp modulating the indices.

Separate the pitch/CV from the gate and use the gate to create related clocks which you can multiply or divide, and adjust the duty cycle, and combine with logic for rhythmic variation Split the CV into different S&Hs feeding the indices and put some probability on the S&H trigger so some of them move on a given beat and others don’t.

There is some stuff in the Accents library that I think is very conducive to this combined with the builtins. Been meaning to do a video using some of the units in this way.

One thing, I think, is that you’ve created such a compelling UI for building the patches. You can get visual feedback at any point in the signal chain without any extra effort, so you can really see what is happening. Combine that with the fact that you never really run out of available utility type units (VCAs, offsets, mixers, etc) to drop into the signal chain, that it’s probably faster to conjure them internally than patch them together externally, and that you can easily duplicate multi-unit signal chains and drop them in somewhere else…

… and you kind of feel like you’ve blown the top off of what is possible. :slight_smile: I’m not really advocating for doing sequencer-type things on the ER-301. But you asked why people do this. This is my theory!

Don’t know if you have an o+c but if you do, installing hemisphere on it and using the Neural Net app could be an interesting way of composing rhythms from various clock sources :

Then feed the results to the gate inputs on the 301.

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I haven’t looked at Hemispheres for a little while. Man, BeigeMaze has been going gangbusters with that! I guess I’m going to have to get a second O_c so I can load one with Hemispheres.

Is all of that vector stuff implemented and working now? (VectorEG, waveform editor, etc.) That looks like it could produce the DX7 style envelopes many have been looking for to use with the ER-301.

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Yeah the vector stuff is live but not really dig into that.

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I was trying to find a video demo of some of the Vector stuff in Hemispheres and I guess he hasn’t made one yet. The Neural Network looks amazing though!