Assigning outputs possible?

Relatively new to the ER-301 but have managed to create some amazing things with it already. Have been really digging it! So excuse the question in case it’s obvious.

Assigning inputs are easy but how do you assign outputs from say a chain on channel 3 but have it output audio on channel 1 output instead? Or are the outputs hardwired to the respective outs? I’ve searched around but haven’t had any luck. (or have gotten side-tracked building other cool things with the unit that I’ve stumbled across during my searching! haha)


I think there are 2 answers with a possible bonus answer.

  1. You can select OUT3 as the input to the chain for OUT1 in its source selection screen (be sure to scroll all the way to the right.)
  2. You can cut-and-paste the chain currently assigned to OUT3 to the chain assigned to OUT1. This will duplicate the chain, so it is not a re-routing per se.

Bonus. There is no arbitrary assignment (not sure why you would need it) but you can group channels in admin > Channel Setup:

Oh, and just case you haven’t found it. There is a wiki page that goes over the signal flow:

Thanks for the quick reply Brian. Appreciated. I hadn’t seen the signal flow page so that’s handy thanks!

I’d tried option 1 but ended up creating a complex chain to load as one instead which works a treat. I’ve sort of done option 2 by saving the chain and then reloading it to the new channel but I’ll look into how to copy and paste as that will come in handy for sure. The bonus option, I’d looked into but didn’t do what I was wanting but come in handy for future works.

I mostly wanted to assign various outs so I can plug all 4 outputs into my eurorack output module without using a 4+ channel mixer module. eg. Run outs 1 and 2 and then assign 3 and 4 to come out of 1 and 2 also. Will experiment with option 1 more :slight_smile:

In that case, I suggest putting all of your desired source material in to Global Chains and then you can assign the output from any global chain to be the source for any OUTx chain.

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Ah ok. I did have a quick read about the Global settings but haven’t actually tried delving in there yet. Cheers. Will check it out!