Audio drops at 42% CPU [FIXED]


Yesterday I had the chance to spend some extended time with my unit, created a pretty simple poly patch and even had time left for setting up a proper recording session. Unfortunately, I started to experience audio drops away once in a while which of course ruined the recording :frowning:

CPU usage was at around 42% and I had three external tracks coming in for recording. Since I didn’t have problems at the beginning of the session of course I suspected heat being the problem. I have the ER-301 above the PSU in a case that isn’t ventilated properly and it was on for about 2,5 hours so…, fair enough. I need to find a good solution for that. I took it out right after the session to check the amount of heat however and I must say I wasn’t impressed. I was warm, but not actually hot anywhere. What are your experiences and recommendations? Is there any other factor that might have caused the audio dropping?

I am going to start fresh today and record that session with a cooled down unit. Hope that will work out.

I don’t believe overheating will exhibit itself this way. If it ever did overheat (which would be difficult) the ER-301 would just shutdown.

The first thing that I would do is check that the patch is indeed consuming a maximum of 42%. If you would like me to take a look at your patch, please drop the quicksave file here.

Also, a short clip of the audio drops that you recorded might be helpful.

Thanks, Brian!

There are four files in the quicksave folder. All of them are in use?
Q04.lua (126.0 KB)
Q03.lua (126.0 KB)
Q02.lua (129.2 KB)
Q01.lua (159.6 KB)

just from listening to the audio file it doesn’t sound like a cpu problem, it sounds like a gate is modulating a filter, the slew when it comes back is quite pronounced. i once had a similar “dropout” sound when i was modulating the filter too much (with an envelope follower i think), are you sure it isn’t just closing the filter?

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:thinking: True. I will get back to this patch today and try to make a proper diagnosis. I was a little afraid of overheating trouble so I might have jumped to conclusions!

Wait a sec. The slew is because it’s processed externally so even when it is a straight drop out from the er-301 it would sound like that when it goes through the effects and filters before its routed back into the er-301 for recording.

hm, ok, i don’t know the setup of your patch but maybe try to record the patch directly, without routing externally. a cpu dropout doesn’t just happen without warning, eg some crackle and clicks, at least that was the case when i had quite some issues with that. but i never experienced such long dropouts…good luck!

You were right @kilchhofer. I just fired up that patch and monitored the raw er-301 output. There were some drops in the main output but not in the er-301! Because of some gate complications with my fh-1 there was indeed an envelope closing a filter exactly like you said. Seems like I need an fh-1 expander to fix this, or a logic module that would combine the gates in my poly sequence.

Fals alarm @odevices! Happy about that, myself :slight_smile:


glad you found the error. this is a very inexpensive or combiner:

or this

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Glad to hear it got sorted @Bparticle. Good job with solving the puzzle and thank you @kilchhofer for helping out.

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