Audio editing utility

are there plans for implementing an audio editing utility on the 301? i looked around on the old forum and didn’t see any mention of it. i’m imagining basic functions such as trim, normalize, reverse, fade in/out, etc. all collected under one tool. perhaps this could live in the admin panel?


Im sure i remember reading this is going to happen at some point on the old forum. The more samples i record the more this becomes a necessity. Also just to simply audition the samples prior to loading.

I do hope so, its quite a basic feature that even early samplers had! :wink:

For me its not a biggie to drop samples into the laptop and edit and also edit samples before loading into the 301, but would be nice to be able to do this in the 301 eventually.

Couldn’t agree more - for a device as sophisticated as the 301, at least a basic sample editor
with the functions you listed is a necessity, as is auditioning capability.

+1 for the basic Editor!

+1 for editor and sample preview

I’m going to assume that we are talking about destructive editing here. So let’s start listing the operations and whether you consider them essential or just nice to have.

For example:

Trim to selection
Cut selection
Silence selection

Nice to have
Remove DC
Fade In/Out over selection


I would like to have the “normalize” in the Essentials Section, ok?


Being used to the Octatrack this seems essential to me as it was always very useful for removing any slight click with a very short fade after trimming a sample. If there’s another way around this that means I don’t have to do it at all then please ignore!

I’d generally prefer non-destructive main workflow and then ‘save selection to new sample’ as an option.

Zoom in and out and some way to visualise where in the sample you are would be awesome!

+1 for normalize in the essentials.

i understand reverse can be achieved in nondestructive ways, but sometimes you want to print it :slight_smile: would be stoked to see this function in the editor.

if there is a trim to selection function it would be very helpful to be able to loop playback while adjusting the selection in & out points.


+1 for Normalize ias essential.
Especially with the recorders. Record a session, pick up some samples in the recordings. Normalize and make your sound kits.

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Frankly, I’d put all of those operations in “Essentials”, but gun to my head, Normalize
definitely belongs in that category - I could live without DC Offset Removal and Fade In/Out
(though I’d much rather they were in there, hah).

Also, a suggestion:
implement some equivalent of PT-style Tab-to-Transient using
some sensible button combinations to jump the cursor to the next/prev transient
(in combination with some sort of “Split at Cursor” or “Cut” command),
to make editing/isloating hits effortless. That would be so useful.

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+1 for normalize (if the peak value limit could be set)
+1 for destructive trim

How often are people running into DC offset problems on audio these days? It’s been a non issue more me since the mid 90’s.

What if cute selection and fade in/out selection were auto applied one after another to prevent an editing click?

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Just to give this thread a little nudge :wink:

I have been really wishing these functions were available recently, were any decisions made?


Me too

yeah basic sample editor would be great!

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Since most if not all editing operations were already implemented at the level of sampling units,
i believe most of the use cases mentioned in this thread has already been dealt with, too.

for quite some time, the aspect of having an editor

seemed to me to be obsolete.
but since i am dealing with a new project with new use cases
and since that aspect also popped up in this thread

i’d like either to restart this old conversation or start a new thread.
I am not sure what to do. what do you think?


Reverse would be a great feature and agree that sometimes you want to commit/print this effect.

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