Audio interface for the ER301. Do we need one?


After more than 4 years using eurorack systems I’m starting to doubt if I need and audio interface to convert my audio signals to be used with line level gear, specially when my whole setup is based on the ER301 as a final mixer. This also applies to the external line livel devices that I need to use inside the eurorack system.

I already have a TAI-4 and an Intellijel Audio Interface and they both sound great. I bought them before I ordered my ER301. In different eurorack forums I’ve always read that we need some kind of conversion to transform the hotter signals from the eurorack to the “normal” line level (from 7-10 volts to 1 volt), but having the ER301, do I need a module to do that? Just placing a Limiter unit in the final audio chain and having a custom cable to mix the 2 mono male cables into a single stereo female connector should be enough to connect headphones? And the same for external line level signals, by placing an VCA unit in the chain to boost the audio level?

So as my system is getting bigger but my case is the same, in order to save space my question is: What are the benefits of using audio interfaces if we already own an ER301?

Thanks a lot!

I have gone straight out of the ER 301 a few times. I am a little wary of it since if you don’t attenuate the signal you could damage your equipment. I worry that I will start a fresh patch and forget to limit the output.

I just put a vca on the output and lower the level to maybe around 10%-20% of the modular level.

On the ER-301, the four INs inputs can be independently set to work with line levels, eurorack levels, or something in-between (see. These settings are accessed in the admin screen (“preamp settings” iirc).

I have been considering making an attenuator cable specifically for this purpose. The idea is that it would passively attenuate the modular level signal to a line signal.

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Yeah, I know that, but what I don’t know is the benefit of using the built-in preamp option over a simple VCA to boost the audio signal of every single input, not only the 4 IN’s …

The 4 ins have some antialiasing on them, besides the configurable preamp that is the only difference between the ins and the a-d inputs.