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I thought I’d tap into the brain trust here, as I assume some of you probably can point me in the right direction…

I wanted to start posting my ER-301 music to youtube, but rather than what would be boring video, I wanted to have some kind of abstract video that responds to the audio (changes in volume, timbre, etc). I know that there are ways to do this with max for live, and probably some other involved software, but I’m a total neophyte when it comes to that stuff. So, if anyone knows of some super simple solution where I can drop in my wav file and input some videos or images and generate some visuals, please let me know. Or, if you know of a good resource so that I can learn how to do it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Google brought me here: Seems like a very easy option. Milkdrop has been open source for a while now. It might be as easy as just dropping your wav into winamp, turning on milkdrop, and recording your screen.

Here’s an extensive max tutorial on replicating some visuals by audioreactlab (who you should definitely look up): You might need some other training to get into this but you can always just follow the steps to a T and get something out of it.

I do music videos and animation semi-professionally and I sometimes use VDMX to VJ. The free demo is really capable and it’s not hard to use with just a bit of learning. It can do audio reactive to an extent. Red Giant Trapcode can do some very pretty stuff too if you’re willing to get your hands dirty in after effects but it will take some basic tutorials to get started and some considerable computing power, plus cash. If you want to get started really learning something then Blender is free and can do it all. Look up tutorials on Animation Nodes (in blender) by Jimmy Gunawan and Jacques Lucke. That’s a long, long road though.

I think every PC and Mac computer by now has access to a basic video editor for free. The internet archive has endless public domain video you could put on top of your stuff and I find that editing, as opposed to scripting audio reactive stuff from the ground up, is quite intuitive. Chopping video to the beat is a tried and true technique and with a few keyframed effects you could even make something that seems downright intentional.

P.s. hi all, long time lurker, first time poster, you know the drill.

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Not particularly simple but give touch designer a look for visuals to music. Very powerful software and free (with some limitations)

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Thanks for the quick replies…I’ll check them all out. Hopefully will be able to post a link here in the near future…

I used the Mac free software to try and make a video once, and kinda succeeded - it didn’t let me put the frame changes where I wanted them though - it was quite frustrating until I just thought oh sod it, I’ll just throw something together. Here it is, music, photographs and video all my own original work (228Mb)

pretty cool. which software did you use? iMovie?

Cheers. Yeah - great for simple fun projects, but I wouldn’t recommend it for anything that requires any degree of precision :slight_smile:

+1 for touchdesigner
use it for most of my stuff on my youtube :