Audition samples when scrolling through pool

I’m sure this has been considered already, but I find myself really missing auditioning when scrolling through the sample pool, similar to the “preview” option in Ableton or Maschine that automatically plays the highlighted file when browsing for a clip to put into a sampler. It’s really time-consuming just to find a sample I want with a large pool when the only way to audition the samples is to select it via assign sample, trigger to preview, then delete -> sample player menu -> assign sample -> browse with context lost. This is also partially due to the lack of folder structure preservation in the sample pool, but I already mentioned that in another request.


When this is added, it’d be nice to be able to assign the output at which you would like to preview. That way, it would be possible to cue samples in/out of the sample pool.

That being said, my unit doesn’t ship for another month, so my experience is based solely on Neil’s videos and the forum :slight_smile:

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Definitely. You will be able to choose the output channel while auditioning by pressing one of the channel buttons.