Auto slicing?

Is there any sort of auto slicing function yet on the ER-301 ? Or does slicing still have to be done manually, one slice at a time ?

If not, when will we finally get it ? Seems like a pretty important feature for this module…Surprised i have not heard it mentioned before here

I really hope the firmware will be able to be shaped up soon, especially with Brian now having to spend alot of time building modules…

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@anon25407821, I’m sorry that I have disappointed you with the long wait for auto slicing and probably other features too. However, I would greatly appreciate a little more time before you hold me over the hot coals please. :bow:


We all went into this knowing the OS was still in heavy developement, and it’s listed directly when placing an order so this shouldn’t be a surprise.

The foundation has to be rock solid before adding the marble floor :slight_smile: and that takes all of us lending a hand with feedback to help expidite that process.

The “todo” list is an undertaking and then some! And so much has been accomplished already since inception.

So … Apology rejected :slight_smile: and keep doing your thing!