Auto Tune for 301

Hi there folks, what would folks think about an Auto-Tune unit for the 301? Taking CV in an hard tuning what ever comes in to that? Sound fun? Sound possible?

i don’t understand the question.
do you mean “autotune” as the audio processor? think trap vocals or cher’s “believe” track??

or you mean a system that automatically tunes oscillators?

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Hey there, I mean Auto the Audio Processor, think this would be great! Really creative in a module like the 301, any thoughts out there? Would this be possible?

i’m curious, what would you do exactly with such a solution?

This sounds like a cv quantizer?

So you want to pitch shift (which is some kind of autotune) any incoming audio signal to a CV?

Hey there folks, thanks for interest in this, what I am looking at is like a riff on Auto Tune the audio effect where an audio signal is hard pitched to either a scale or an incoming midi note. So what I looking at is something which hard pitch shifts audio including formant shaping and how extreme the pitch shift is under CV Control. Use case is for making melodic content out of random vocal samples, but also making multiple melodies from a single source etc. etc. What you think?

you can pseudo accomplish this by running audio through a grain delay and CVing the pitch.