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Autogen301 - a collection of self generating custom units



This is autogen301 - a collection of 15 self generating custom units using 100% internal units and no samples.

I made these to understand the patching system on the er301 through programming self generating patches and also to share how i patch with my hardware modular systems. I am very much influenced by Serge, Buchla and Ciat Lonbarde
There is deliberately minimal control - usually 2 sliders for cv control and occasionally none. You steer the ship to move in a particular direction - a little bit like a benjolin or blippoo box. Some of these are throwaway sketches others are not. These are building blocks so please dig in and mess about with the patch settings.

You must have Joes Bespoke Units (4th Aug) installed for it to play - Some new Units to share

One unit (The Ikeda) i used Kels Burst Generator which also must be installed

Heres videos of the patches :slight_smile:


The Ikeda

Gang of Four

The Barbieri

Tippy Tap

Chuckle Brothers

Mongolian Winter

Sine Saw Sign

Corporate Trash

The Barton


Alien Radio

Flam Drum (updated)

3 Clicks (updated)

Loading Instructions :
I’m using firmware v0.3.25 - so please upgrade if you don’t have.
Unzip Joes Bespoke Units to ER-301/libs
Unzip Kels burst generator and my custom units lua to ER-301/v0.3/presets/units/custom-unit
Insert “Custom Unit” -> Click on the custom unit self generated name (left side - not where it says “open”)
Load Preset -> goto ER-301/v0.3/presets/units/custom-unit/xxxx
They are all mono units - so just connect audio out - and tweak the sliders.

autogen301.zip (88.4 KB)


What the…?! :exploding_head:


thanks!!! massive facemelting bundle!!!


Mudlogger for President !
thanks a lot, these are focking awesome.


Holy crap!


Thanks so much for sharing your work. I’ve been following your Instagram posts and have been meaning to ask you if you were going to upload any of them. This is even better than I imagined!


These units are pure gold and very inspiring, thanks man. Just this morning I was playing around with 3 clicks in a looper + grains for an ever changing percussive morning patch :heart: . I didn’t even delve into the unit itself yet. Pretty CPU intensive though!


Thank you! I’ve also been enjoying all your Instagram examples. Really amazing!


this work by @mudlogger feels like a generative album that you can play and interact with. of course you can use units to generate sounds to incorporate in your works, but you can also sit down and let it all flow, sometimes moving a little bit one parameter, and enjoy the free flow of awesomeness.
a work of art.




This is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing!!


Wow @mudlogger, thanks for sharing these! Looking forward to checking these custom units and demos out. This should be fun and educational too.


Lordy, thankyou everybody! Thats very humbling. I hope people find good uses for the patches and please tweak them!


Modded Barbieri patch <3


Awesome :clap:


This is a heroic effort. Downloading now to check out this evening…

Over the weekend, I was using the Flam Drum into a Looper and was having fun pulling strange rhythms out of it through sheer force of repetition. I ended up saving about 20 loops from it for editing later.

This downtime between 0.3 and 0.4 has been amazing for the community. There have been a lot of excellent custom units lately!


Nice. Been digging your IG posts. :pray:


I too appreciated watching these emerge from your insta posts over the past few days.

It’s great you released all 15 in 1 package… it feels like an interactive album.

You missed a trick not calling the controls of Chuckle Brothers ‘To Me’ and ‘To You’ though :slight_smile: ( UK-centric joke sorry )



can’t wait to check these out! have been enjoying your vids all week


Absolutely amazing!!! Thanks for creating & sharing! :scream_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: