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Autogen301 - a collection of self generating custom units



thanks so much for sharing these, been enjoying your feed as well the last days :slight_smile: inspiring stuff!


hey thank you for sharing!!!
But when I load custom unit it failed load the Joe’s bespoke unit …


I assume you loaded my bespoke library, right?

Do those units load ok standalone?


Yes all your unit works well in standalone
I try with 12th aug lib when I load an autogen301 custom unit It fail to load your bespoke unit
i try with the first lib (4th aug) and that work fine the autogenunit load your bespoke unit


Hmm… the only change I made to the previous units on 12 Aug was to change the category and move them out of Experimental.

I tested 3 click and it loaded for me.

Is your folder name inside the /libs directory named exactly the same as before? I imagine the custom unit presets are referencing that path.

All of the .lua files from the bespoke units should be in:


Make sure that last folder didn’t get renamed? I notice if you download the release zip from github it makes the top level folder name



So I’ve done a little testing and these custom units are all loading up fine for me with the current bespoke library. I don’t think changing the categories broke anything. Best guess at this point is that you might have a mismatched directory name. Anyone else having a problem?

@mudlogger - these custom units are so much fun. I’ve had very little time in front of the modular the last week or so, but am really looking forward to spending some time with them. I dig all the control names. Sine saw sign seems like it is trying to say something to me. But I have not figured out what! :joy:


@Mooko - I made the units using August 4th Joe units but should be fine with the later version as long as the folder names remain the same. As per Joes recommendation, double check your directory name for Joes Bespoke Units.

@Joe thanks - the cv naming was a fun idea as the sliders usually modulate several things at once. Whatever the patch reminded me of musically, I’d name the cv’s that related to the patch name.


yes thank @Joe & @mudlogger
I rename the folder and all work fine!
Thank you
very usefull unit!!!
Great job !!!


Thanks for all these patches @mudlogger, very awesome. I’ve finally gotten around to trying them but I’m getting some ‘failed to load’ messages from I believe the Bespoke collection.

So to confirm…

Everything is getting placed in the ER-301/v0.3/presets/custom-unit folder? I don’t have /UNIT/custom-unit… an issue?
In the custom-unit folder, I’m placing the folder autogen301 (with contained files), Joe-sBespoke-ER-301-Units (with contained files) and burst-generator.lua. Does this all sound correct?



Ok, I think I worked it out. Joe’s folder goes to ER-301/Libs and the rest as mentioned above. I got confused with one of Joe’s posts saying to place it in the same folder (well that’s how I interpreted it).

Amazing work @Joe and @mudlogger. Bravo!


Thanks, FYI - I’ve not checked these with the 0.4 beta firmware, so may or may not work. I don’t want to change again until the 0.4 is 100% complete.


Yeah I’ve stuck to the .3 firmware anyway as I have a show coming up. I don’t want to risk anything. I haven’t gone through them all yet but I’m up to Flamdrum and that’s my fave so far . :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for sharing mudlogger! These are really fun. Hope to see more of your sound toys in the future.

Im new to playing with others custom units and i found that joes bespoke units folder needs to be named

Joe-s-Bespoke-ER-301-Units Firmware 0.3 Stable

or these wouldnt work for me. No prob though, working nice now!
Still checking out the rest of your awesome bundle

whats the best place to put the burst generator ? I just want to be sure its doing its job…


Thanks, for giving them a try :slight_smile: These were created using v0.3.25, so things may be different with all the changes. Here’s a copy of the original loading instructions if you missed them. Not sure what firmware you are using.


Oops Sorry, i need to remember to state fw version. Am on 3.25.
Noodles is my favorite so far. Good er301 inspiration here.
Thanks again


Did these work with 4.x Firmware ?


I can’t confirm as I don’t have v0.4 on my er301 as I have been gigging and wanted to use the stable version.


Holy crap. Cannot wait to try these out!


So I’m running firmware 0.4.11 and I am having trouble getting these units running. Joe’s Bespoke units are there and in ER-301/libs, I tried naming the folder “Joe-s-Bespoke-ER-301-Units Firmware 0.3 Stable” and “Joe-s-Bespoke-ER-301-Units”, but still no success. I have been able to use some other custom units, but I am somewhat new to the 301, so it could be user error. Either way, I haven’t had luck with these on v0.4 yet. I’ll keep poking away at it though.


I don’t think the folder name for the bespoke library matters. My guess is that you’ll need to load up 0.3.25 firmware to use these custom units until they get updated to work with 0.4 firmware.