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Autogen301 - a collection of self generating custom units



Hi, I tried this on 0.4.10, nothing shows up; I take it none of this works on 0.4.10?


Earlier in the thread it was stated that @mudlogger wouldn’t update these units until v0.4 was officially released.


Thanks, downgraded to 0.3.25, works now :slight_smile:


@rennerom @St0rMl0rD
Thanks. Just to confirm, I didn’t want to update these units until 0.4 is 100% stable. ie not a beta firmware. Otherwise, issues would have to be addressed, and it could potentially mean keep changing 15 units during frequent beta software changes. I am not even running the 0.4 beta firmware on my machine as I have been gigging. When stable, I will be updating them. In the meantime you can always flip back to the stable firmware, to check them out. This is the reason why a stated the firmware I used to build the units which was 0.3.25


@mudlogger, thanks for confirming. I understand these weren’t developed on v.4, I just wanted to confirm whether or not they’re usable on v.4 in spite of me being a novice on the 301. I suppose I could run 3.25 to get in on this goodness :thinking:


that’s what I did :slight_smile: