Autogen301 - a collection of self generating custom units

We got a page on the hub this is a link to Autogen301 on the hub
GitHub is linked as well so new releases should sync up nicely. I added a new category for these units called Generator, but maybe it could be something else? @mudlogger any ideas on that?

EDIT: there is some trouble with the pages on the hub right now, so if you get errors just check back in a few minutes… Sorry!


Thanks for setting that up. Generator sounds great :blush:

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Your video is awesome! I’m glad you got some use out of the Infinite Arp unit. I hope more people will try it out and see how fun and easy it is to make something cool. I’ve been so busy lately that I practically forgot I made it lol so this was really cool to see.


Thanks for these, they’re great.

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Just for clarification - the description says no samples, but I noticed installation took around 10-15 mins because it was loading wav files (like “autechre.wav”, “808…”, etc.). By no samples did you just mean no third party samples? Does that mean the sounds were made by you via synthesis?

Also, is there no way to access the samples? Can’t actually see where they were installed.

Really digging the demos btw. Nice work.

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Package-related samples are installed to the rear card. So not directly accessible by the user unless you manually unzip the package (using a PC) and copy out the samples to your desired location on the front card.

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Just to confirm this new autogen301 version contains 90mb of drum kits and field recording samples and requires v0.6.15 firmware to play them (v0.6.15 has the sample loading fix. v0.6.14 will not load packages containing samples):

I can’t edit the description in the top of this thread as it’s a very old post but the new description is mentioned here Autogen301 - a collection of self generating custom units - #83 by mudlogger


I’ve converted the first post to a wiki post so you can edit it indefinitely.


Ok thanks :blush:

Thanks for sharing these!

Unfortunately i dowloaded the package and my er301 crased while installing.

I restarted it and tried to install again, but now the e301 says :slight_smile:

Install failed, autogen301…another versin is already installed.

I have reied unistaling,deleting from the sd card, re transferig the file to the sd card, but i get the same problem.

I have also deleted the autogen file on the top of the package list, its says _autogen301_0.0.0 to no avail.

Any ideas?


hi there - sorry about your troubles.

For the er301 to crash when installing makes me think of a couple of ideas. First, maybe the file downloaded was corrupted so I would redownload the .pkg file again directly from GitHub here.

Double check you have all the correct files and firmware installed first - it must be V0.6.15

Secondly it seems like the er301 is still finding old files for some reason. I would hunt them down and delete them on the er301 first using the uninstall option. then secondly hand delete by computer. NB - its important that you reboot the er301 after making any deletes / uninstalls before installing anything on top.

So I would do this :
First uninstall then delete all related autogen files including those ghost files. using the er301 uninstall option. Then Reboot. Check again if you see any of more files still hanging around in the folder. After that, take the SD card and use a computer to check again if you see any of those files. Delete again on a computer if you see them. Also empty the recycle bin. Check the card again on the er301 to double confirm nothing autogen301 related is on it. Redownload a new autogen301.pkg and try again installing.

Hi @mudlogger :slight_smile:
Thanks for getting back to me.
Yes, I updated to V0.6.15 and I also updated all the Custom units to the latest release.
I inserted the external sd on the computer, but could not find any residue files.
Any names I should look for apart from Autogen ?
Maybe in the internal card?
Might do a fresh install if it still not working,
Ill try lthis afternoon.

I would do a fresh install with a new .pkg download. Anything with words “autogen “ related should be deleted.

I have only ever seen this when I didn’t reboot after I uninstalled a file / residue file. What I found is the er301 only seems to rescan that folder fully on boot up. Any uninstalls didn’t always take full effect until rebooted / rescanned.

Also worth noting is there is a system error log in the system menu. If you clear the log first and check it agin later for any errors. That can help what the er301 is looking at.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Edited: Got it working :slight_smile: There where some files on the inside card.


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Just got this installed after having the same issues as @Topa
Now I get an error when trying to load 1975, “Failed to load Filter Delay”. The unit loads and plays sound but it gets me wondering. I have the latest package of Filter Delays installed (1.2.0)

Edit, tried to install 1.1.0 of Filter Delays, same issue.

Hi there - what er301 firmware are you on?
Did you load download .zip file of autogen set or the individual 1975 unit? I was on v1.2.0 filter delay.

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I got it working after downgrading fdelay to 0.6.05
FW is latest stable.
Autogen is the package linked on 301 Hub.

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