Automatic Mute/Fade

So I stumbled on a nice simple trick this evening, I had a pad sample playing and a stuttering voice sample that didn’t quite work together but worked well independently with the rest of the track. The pad sound only comes in every so often so I wanted a way to automatically fade out and fade in the voice sample.

Mult the output of the pad sample into a VCA input after the vocal sample, use an envelope follower to trigger an ADSR unit, invert the signal, set the VCA gain to be -1 and the bias to be 1.

Oh and I also set the attack and decay times of the ADSR unit to fade the vocal at whatever rate suited.

Works perfectly :slight_smile:

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I did a similar trick in Video #16, except I had the ducking method apply to a mid-range EQ instead of ducking the entire sound:

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Yeah, I remember it working well there too, this is more what I think of as ducking, i.e. a reduction in signal level - not total elimination!

There are probably loads of ways you could achieve this, but with the signal I was using this combination of units worked really well. Ducking can be achieved with just a VCA and inversion of the incoming signal to the second channel - I tried this and it didn’t give me what I wanted, but it did behave as expected as in traditional ducking; hence the Automatic Mute/Fade terminology rather than Ducking. Mute with the ADSR with the A & R portions set to 0ms i.e. any signal at all cuts it out completely, and Fade with the A & R portions set to higher values act as fade out and in.

Maybe it’s a meaningless distinction, but I think they are quite different :slight_smile:

as long as it sounds good in the end! :slight_smile:

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where did you get these awesome drum samples?

i think those are from Deep Percussive Beds: