Automatic Sample Pool Purge option?

Hi Brian,

I’ve in the process of putting to gather my next modular live set and I’m using a lot of samples throughout the duration of the 25 minute set - when I was practicing today I found that when loading a new chain towards the end of my set, that has a couple of samples to be loaded, only the first sample was loaded because I’d used up all the sample pool space. I had to go into the admin setting and purge the unused samples and then reload the chain which then did successfully load the 2nd sample.

In a live situation remembering to do this sample pool purge of unused samples is not going to be top of my ‘to-do’ list until I realise I have to which will then take me away from the moment - is it possible in future firmwares to add a user option to automatically purge unused samples when a new chain is being loaded?

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That’s a good idea actually. What I will do instead of having a setting is this:

Whenever you try to load a sample and there isn’t enough memory to hold it, the ER-301 will calculate how much memory would be freed if it purged unused samples. If a purge would allow it to load the sample, then it will pop up a screen telling you that and give you the option of purging or not right there.


That sounds great!

Much appreciated :smiley_cat: