Average CPU Load for Bypassed Units

Any idea on the average CPU load on the bypassed units?
I have a really large patch, with different mixers for each live track, normally just using one at a time. Overall I have 138 units, but when I have them all bypassed the CPU still has a load of 42%.(Nothing running on different channel or in the global chain) Is there any average CPU load per unit? Assuming this is normal and just being curious about it, what kind of tasks do units perform on the background when disabled?

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I’m not near it, but I could have sworn there was an option in the admin area to truly disable a unit or bypass a unit (where it’s still processing but ready to be re-engaged at any moment). The latter would take cpu overhead.

Which one are you set to?

It’s set to “bypassing the unit also disables it”

Got a lot of local connections in the patch? (E.g. feedback via locals)
Also, it might be interesting for @odevices to know on which firmware you are working.

Max. 5 local connections. Latest firmware, 0.6.16