Back to 0.3.25 and lost the ability to load multiple samples SOLVED

hello people!
i downgraded to 0.3.25 to play a live show tonight that requires a quicksave that was made in 0.3 and i’m trying to load multiple samples in a player to create a sample chain but with no success.
i remember that when selecting from card, even entire folders were available for loading (a small square that was to be flagged).
now i don’t see neither the squares on folders nor options below the small display.

any idea? am i missing something? or it is that the set was created perhaps before 0.3.25? (but i don’t think so). or moving to 0.4 somehow messed something in the 0.3 system folders?

SOLVED: i have to pass through the Sample Pool to view “enable multi”. if i go to “select from card” then it’s not shown.
i did not remember this however.