Backwardslooping Grain

I have setup a Feedback Looper and a Grain Stretch unit, both using the same 30sec buffer to record to/play. The looper and the grain stretch unit are both synced with a clock, that resets (reset for the looper and trig for the grain stretch) the playing head to the beginning. So far, so good, but:
As the looper only records to the first few seconds of the buffer, everything gets screwed up when the grain stretch runs with a speed above 1 or below 0, as the playing head then discovers “forbidden area”.
How can I avoid this? My only indicator of the length is the clock reset signal. Maybe there is a feature in a looper unit that allows reverse playback and changing playback speed without pitch changing, but I don’t know.
All I want to do is to emulate a delay/looper pedal with reverse and speed control, like a tape loop.

Attached please find my custom unit. Just add stereo sound into In1+2 and a clock into A1…
Maybe you need to manually make a 30secs buffer and add them to the looper in “record” and the grain stretch in “play”.

ModGrains MM.unit (20.0 KB)

I don’t think you can because setting the speed outside of (0,1) means the granular play head goes outside of the recorded area of the buffer (as it should).

There is no such feature at the moment.

This has been requested once or twice. Most likely it will pop up in a release during v0.5 perhaps? I tend to drag my feet when it comes to emulating pedals. :grimacing:

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I know that emulating pedals is not what makes you happy. But maybe just don’t look at this as emulating a pedal - because just a speed and direction controllable loop does not make a complete pedal. It’s just a building block that can not be achieved with the current feature set. An interesting building block when you want to use the 301 live and feed it with the stuff you play on stage.

If this would not be so basic for the performance I have in mind, I would not ask again and again for it. :sunny: This feature would make the 301 an integral part of my piano performances.

I would be happy if this functionality would appear in v0.5, and I know there are other priorities first. Anyway, most of the components needed for the behaviour I would like to see are already implemented with the grain stretch unit. The only thing missing is the ability to set the length of the loop based on an external timebase…

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