I’ve been participating in online fora since 1984. Participation needn’t be gamified for me, and as a matter of fact, I wish it weren’t. At the least it would be nice to be able to disable notifications for badges. I don’t need no stinking badges. :runner::trophy::syringe:

They can be disabled, but they are a useful learning aid.

How about if your post gets likes from more than 50% of the total number of people here then we can turn it off, otherwise can we assume that most folks don’t care or like them.

Fair enough?

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Congratulations! You have just unlocked the Get Off My Lawn badge. Please accept this complimentary gift of a bona fide 19th-century alarm clock and a pair of limited edition bakelite-frame reading glasses.

:alarm_clock: :eyeglasses:

On a more serious note, I have no strong feelings about the badges, so I could go either way.


Yeah, I get that it may seem petty. It’s just that my dopamine is in pretty short supply, so when I get a notification, and think it may be one of you fine people having taken notice of my driveling, and then it just turns out to be the forum telling me I used a feature (“Congratulations, you manipulated a pointing device near a graphic!”), I am very disappointed! It cause me wep! :cry:

Honestly, what that tells me is that I probably need to develop more of a life. I am somewhat geographically challenged in this regard, lamentably. :slight_smile:

Those beginner ones go by pretty fast – soon you won’t get nearly as many, if any at all. …but there are better ones that you probably would like. For instance, when many people take notice of your driveling and ‘like’ it, there is a badge for that too. :sparkles:

I am aware I may have dispositional differences to the rest of the populace in this regard, but for me conversation is its own reward and social-media style manipulations of reward systems regarding it come off as just as ham-fisted as film scores that poorly ape John Williams. :vulcan:

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Sometimes Discourse (the forum platform we’re using here) can feel slightly heavy-handed, but it grows on you over time. It’s really quite well done, all told.

I surely appreciate its minimal design visual aesthetic.

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OK, I admire your openness and honesty, I can relate to some degree, I have a nervous disposition sometimes and also live in a very isolated place in some ways.

I agree with the other comments that these badge things do pass by quickly and become much less frequent. The people behind Discourse really do know what they are doing and while these badge things may seem superfluous to people like ourselves who are well versed in these things (anyone else remember BBS Mono, X.25 and JANET?), they are actually really good mechanisms to encourage good practice with new users. For what it’s worth I do agree that it can seem heavy handed at times, but I learned to just go along with the conventions and enjoy what is really an excellent, mature, well thought out system for facilitating the discussions we all really appreciate.

If you’re ever feeling low and isolated say hello dammit!! That’s what we, here, as a community are here for, at least in part even if not intentionally so, I know I appreciate just having a little chat now and then, it really does help sometimes :slight_smile:

In the mean time I did a little digging around and I have granted you ALL badges - this means you can’t get any more unless they are specifically granted for excellent contributions!

All the best :slight_smile:


Kel, you forgot one thing. The person with the most badges has to pay the hosting fees for the forum. :confetti_ball: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hoohaw! Now I have ALL the dopamine! Thanks so much for your clever solution.

This forum is actually pretty significantly ranked in my online discussion effort queue. I interact regularly on one thread on another forum, and I’m not on facebook for the aforementioned reason among others. I had a pretty reasonable discussion with some former bandmates on gasp email, in the last day or so. It was kind of nice, and I didn’t have to deal with random passersby having opinions about it.