Band limited oscillators v0.0.1 - square/saw oscillators optimised for audio

I’ve been working on a couple of audio-rate oscillators in the DSP layer. These are using band limited synthesis, so you shouldn’t get audible digital aliasing noises even at higher frequencies.

This is very much an alpha-release. I’m an expert in neither C++ nor DSP :slight_smile:

There’s two units in here: a saw oscillator, and square with pulse-width modulation- all standard self-explanatory controls.

The things still to do are:

  • add hard-sync to both square and saw.
  • generally tidying up and improving the code, and more thorough testing.

band_limited_osc-0.0.1.pkg (56.3 KB)

Code is here in case you’re interested. (If you have feedback on the code it’s welcome.)


Very cool, just compared it to the pulse osc in lojik and the aliasing is completely gone! Nice work :slight_smile:

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So good.

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@tomf I think to do sync properly I might need to create a new control, so I might be picking your brain about that at some point.

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I was wondering where the sync was :slight_smile:
Please continue they’re fantastic!

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