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Baron Cimitière - digidrums custom unit



still have to fully grasp how the whole github thing works but i chose it so i can host all versions and have an easy way to update them :slight_smile:
tomorrow the monome grid version will be up and running!


I have a Grid so I’m looking forward to this!


I’m glad I’m not the only one! Cannot get my head around Github but thanks for the unit @hyena looking forward to trying it out.


this looks super dope. will try it out as soon as I can :smiley:


@Hyena thanks! first custom unit i’ve installed, a BLAST to play with.

first mumble run with her -

couldn’t find you on IG so didn’t tag?



thanks @behndy! i have a profile but don’t use it :slight_smile:

ok, version 0.4.1 for max\msp with full monome 128 varibright support is OUT NOW :smiley:


lol. yeah. Instagram is… a whole thing. but if you were active, didn’t want to NOT tag the person that made the deliciousness.

thanks again!


thank you for thinking about it :slight_smile:
not that i have anything against ig, only that i’m not a visual person, and IG is all about pics and videos.
i’d love an audio-centered social media.
well, maybe not love, but i’d be interested ehehheee


I’ve been having a blast with the Baron this evening, @hyena! Top work, here. You can really get a wide array of different hits super easily! :slight_smile:



thanks @Joe really glad you are having fun with it!
it is the evolution of my primary drums technique (usually with dual complex vcos such as dpo and hertz donut, some expo decay ad envs and vcas) ported to the 301 and then also max.


with version 0.4.07 of the firmware the old disappeared A decay control came back from the dead so i had a duplicate. fixed.
find the up to date version in the linked github repo.
lots of updates on the max version too.
now the monome grid is perfectly supported + minor issues fixed. it is now version 0.4.9


baron cimitière (er-301 custom unit version) playing tablas!
sequenced by kria (monome app on ansible + grid)


Nice! Is that just one instance? I haven’t tried sequencing it that fast yet. Sounds great!


are you updating the file in the first post or do I need to go to the github to get the latest?


I’m fairly certain you have to get the updates at Github.


one instance :slight_smile:

yes, github. in fact i will edit the first post and remove the old unit from there.
thanks for pointing it out!


@Joe: the trick here is that kria is sequencing 3 different parameters other than the main triggering!
pretty similar to what i do on the max/msp version with the 3 sequence rows :slight_smile: also, some ratcheting helps in getting that rolling feeling


For purposes of the Teletype / grid ops controller, I was having a little trouble figuring out what those 2nd and 3rd sequencer rows are doing - more from a technical standpoint than a usability standpoint.

If, for example, the distortion step is on/lit for the current step, it is setting the distortion amount to what you have specified? Otherwise distortion is off? Is that how it works?

What I noticed from using the Max version, let’s say the first 8 steps look like this where O is on and x is off

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
O x x x x x x x
x x x x x x x x
O O x x O x x x

On steps 1 and 2, I hear kind of a second ghost hit from the 2nd distortion beat in row 3.

But on step 5 I hear nothing because there’s no corresponding main beat.


the max version differs a bit because of this internal sequencer with three rows.

think about it like this:

1st row triggers Amp and Pitch envelopes
2nd row triggers Phase modulation index envelope
3rd row triggers Distortion envelope

this comes from my technique of doing many drum sounds with a single module (mostly). usually doing this with dual complex oscillators (donut, dpo, etc…). starting from crafting the bass drum (first row of sequencer) then i add gates controlling the fm index (second row) and waveshaper(third row).

maybe it’s a bit clearer now :slight_smile:


distortion envelope and slider are independent, as is phase mod index envelope and slider!
this is the idea, to have a more amorphous approach, so they in fact sum up to set the total amount of (distortion or phase mod).

this is interesting because in this way you can set triggers on even on steps where the main sequence is off! if the amp envelope is long enough, you can trigger phase mod or distortion even on triggers that are off in the main seq and still have an effect :slight_smile: