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Baron Cimitière - digidrums custom unit



i’m reworking the phase mod side on max/msp version now because it still gives me problems in setting the ratio correctly (both normal and random mode).
damn, max is uber cool but sometimes it makes you wanna bash your head on the monitor!!!
superCollider is so much more predictable!!! but i still cannot do something like the Baron on sC :frowning:
time to study more and more and more!!!


Yeah, I think that makes sense. I’ll have another look. I was initially thinking about making the TT/grid ops controller a little different to try out some ideas. But the more I think about it, maybe I’ll try to keep them the same for consistency of experience - at least where possible. Could always make an alt version later.


i love this kind of collaborative work! the idea that you are working on something that can extend the use of a thing i’ve done and empower it is soo good :slight_smile:


Where is the v0.3? Im sorry but I could not find it.
Thank you


what do you mean with v0.3? a version compatible with 0.3 firmware?
in that case i’m sorry, the Baron is 0.4.xx only


Aha my bad! Thanks


github repo cleaned up and updated.
images updated here and on repo.

max version is 0.5.0 now, phase modulation works properly now (at least that’s what it seems :D)
added two libraries of presets too.


Sorry for the dummy question, but where should this unit be installed on the 301? Might be helpful to add a note about where to put it on the git’s README :slight_smile:


thanks for the suggestion, i will update it.
the baron is a Custom Unit, hence you will place the file into the


Thank you for sharing this ! What is the newest version of the er-301 version on github ? It is not labelled…Is it the same one as in first post here (version 0.4.06) ? or is the github one newer ?


its the same one for now :slight_smile: