Basic adsr question

I’m not ashamed to ask this question bc this forum is a safe space, lol.

So how can I effectively make the grain start point rise and then freeze at a specific point based off a gate trig. And this envelope would retrig with that gate. I have attempted using a standard gate in and an adsr inside a vca unit within the start on the grain but am not getting the results I am looking for - getting weird reseting trigs and the envelope rises past audio rate and the sound gets distorted?


I have considered manually shifting the start with incoming CV from a shades attenuator - recording that move and embedding that sample within the start point…


This sounds overly complicated. How about just putting the ADSR unit in the Manual Grains start parameter and using the gain/bias modulation parameters to adjust the range of the ADSR’s sweep?

If you are already controlling the Manual Grains start with another signal then you can put the ADSR in a Mixer unit inside the Manual Grain start chain. Use the Mixer gain to set the range of the ADSR’s effect.

You will need to think about how fast of an attack on the ADSR is appropriate against how fast you are triggering the Manual Grains unit. For example, if you are generating grains at 20Hz (i.e. every 50ms) then your ADRS’s attack should be at least 100ms or more.