Basic question for linking custom units

I’ve been trying to check out other peoples custom units and im using v0.3.25.

I have tried simply putting a sound producing custom unit in front of an fx custom unit but that does not work…

How do i simply run a sound producing custom unit into an fx custom unit ?

Or could someone at least direct me to the info on this that does not take hours of reading/searching ?

hmm…i must be banned from knowledge.


ok thanks . I will check it out with new .4.11. I just get confused about switching between versions because of bespoke unit placements (which seems should just be part of the firmware, but what do i know … That sounds like a good test for me. i’ll back up my card and start fresh with .4.11, give it a shot without relying on the awesome bespoke units…

although, using 3.25 with units built in .3, i did get signal flow between the custom units, but most controls inoperable.

Now i will spend more time to try to redeem my ability to support the er-301 and whatever. thanks

Maybe i misunderstood, but for those who want to switch between different versions of firmware , having the different versions of bespokes may get confused in file structure ?

Sorry, its just hard to know if something is working as intended when documentation is somewhat scarce with constant changes…

If you dont mind me asking, what are you using the er301 for lately unity2k ?
thanks for your patience and understanding btw…

well, im a slow reader…

also im not trying to play live (as you guessed) and also enjoy happy accidents !

Either way, im glad we met here and i wish everyone good luck in the er-301 thing.

Oh also, thanks brian. i will not be trying anymore as i have lost face once again.
I wont be wasting more time trying to validate your accusation.