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Basic sampling editing


Hello and sorry for the noob question but i couldn’t find answers on this;
Is there an option in slice mode to not stop the sample playing at the next slice marker.
Also the shift control is it working for only individual slice?
Thank you.


Hi there. I don’t think there’s any way to change that at the moment. Pretty sure that feature has been requested, though I’m not sure if it’s being considered or not.

Which firmware version are you running? I think there is a bug in 0.4.x with the shift control, which has already been reported and should get fixed at some point.


Hello and thank’s for your reply.
I’m using the last firmware (0.411)
Really surprised you can’t do those basic things!


You are welcome.

I would suggest reading this thread and adding your thoughts to it.


Don’t be surprised. You will find that my priorities are often different from yours. :smiling_imp:


I guess my priorities is just making music :mage:


I don’t think ive ever heard a completed piece of music in eurorack-land beyond an 8 step pattern…


But in all honesty, the 301 was never meant to be the same as other samplers (or a direct replacement for a traditional one). The sample slicer is just that, works with slices. You could try running slicers in parallel, have the same file prepared twice with different filenames … one with less slices… and you may get some interesting results with that kind of playback overlap.


What i’m Trying to archive is when using long sample ,slicing it to cut my sample into let say 200 micro samples then sequence them.
The result depending on the sequence give me some harsh cuts.
So the idea in my case is to use the slice as a start point and using an envelope to control the duration and smooth fade out for the sample.


That’s ridiculous, @NeilParfitt. I once went as high as 16 steps. :slight_smile:


You monster!!!


I’ve heard that compositions that go beyond the fabled 16 steps summon the elder gods and drive the composers so insane they can’t record it or release it for others to hear.


This makes sense to me. Setting and playing from cue points (as opposed to slicing) will be introduced in v0.5. It’s definitely going to happen.


Every day we get closer to my silly dream of using the ER-301 as an all-in-one DJ system being a reality.


Definitely has the ultimate knob for it!


That was my first post so i wanna take the opportunity to thank you for your great work!





Haha, If I do it, I will keep it to myself




Sorry, couldn’t resist :wink:


ooooh looking forward to that next 301 firmware