Bespoke Unit: Arc (Updated for v0.6, see new thread)

Introducing Arc, the AR envelope used in the Strike unit.

I’ve been meaning to extract this for a little while but didn’t have the time until now. The thing I missed most from Strike is the loop toggle which gives you an instant flexible LFO.

Needless to say my first test was to run this through the Curl wave folder for some good fun.

Key features same as Strike basically:

  • Very low CPU usage (~4-8%)
  • Loop toggle (automatically re-trigger the envelope on EOF)
  • Individual attack / decay curve control (+ overall amount on main view)
  • Time scale control to modify both attack and decay at the same time.

Amazing, super versatile and incredibly useful! Thanks!


Awesome! Already thinking about what I could do to the time scale in order to get this thing clockable… :slight_smile:

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Released on v0.6 here Strike v1.0.0 - Filters/LPG/Envelopes/Etc

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