Bespoke Unit: Curl (Wave Folder)

Introducing Curl, a wave folder for all your wave folding needs!

Nothing adds character like a wave folder, especially one like this that just keeps. on. folding. Use it to create complex waveforms out of a simple sine, add distortion to your samples, or even fancify your LFOs.

Key features:

  • Very low CPU usage (~5-10%)
  • Input gain (to enhance foldability)
  • Wet/Dry mix
  • Variable reflection point for subtle to intense folding.
  • Configurable depth to reduce CPU if necessary.



Hell ya, this is great thank you!

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I noticed that the bias is not reflected on the controls, but other than that
this is super cool. Thanks!

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Good point, I’ll add that shortly. In the meantime not too hard to do it manually.

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Feeling quite silly, I just realized that a simple wave folder can be created using the sample scanner and a sine wave :stuck_out_tongue:

This makes wayyyy more sense than using a fixed series of folds but the naive approach loses out on the “reflection” point feature in Curl.

Needless to say, I’m going to try to make a better version of this unit using sample scanners.


Hi! Any update on this unit? I’ve yet to get my hands on an ER-301, just planning my case around it at the moment so would love to hear a sample if possible! :smiley:

It sounds very bright basically, since it effectively folds with a triangle wave. When I get back around to this I want to use tanh saturation and sin wave folding for something more characterful.

I can’t install anything bar sloop - which is beyond awesome but I dig these other modules, any eta for updating if at all?

I’ll get to them all eventually! Just started a new job so I’ve had less time to finish these off, but in a month or so I should start accumulating free time :slight_smile:

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