Bespoke Unit: Strike LPG (Updated for v0.6, see new thread)

Introducing Strike LPG, a utility LPG to meet your everyday needs.

I often find myself tying together an envelope, filter, and vca whenever I need to control some incoming audio on the ER-301. I built this unit so that I don’t have to think about that anymore and can focus on other things :slight_smile:

Key features:

  • Very low CPU usage (~4-8%)
  • Loop toggle (automatically re-trigger the envelope on EOF)
  • Individual attack / decay curve control (+ overall amount on main view)
  • Time scale control to modify both attack and decay at the same time.

Cool unit. CPU usage around 8% though.

The system baseline is 3-4%, I calculated by running 4 instances subtracting 3 from the total and dividing by 4.

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I just look at the CPU difference when it is loaded vs when it is not, and when I drop one instance of it into a chain it jumps up by 8%.

Oh interesting, when I have nothing at all the cpu reads 3% and when I add the unit it reads ~6-7%, are you on the latest firmware?

yes, I’m on the latest firmware. I’m running at 70% CPU when I drop it in. Maybe that makes a difference; starting at a higher CPU percentage.

Can confirm, I inserted 10 of them to pull me up to 73% then added one more to get to 81%. Clearing the extra 10 then brought it down to 7% as expected. So maybe I should say the CPU range is 4-8% instead ha

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thanks, what an amazing unit! sounds very good and has great controllability. i’ve tried to make a very simple lpg custom unit using makenoise lxd’s vactrol response sample but i like this one way more!


Thanks yea I initially wanted to make something using the sample scanner as well, I even got the whole thing working in code.

It was way too resource hungry, though, and was arguably barely better than just using the normal envelope follower.

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exactly, my custom (not bespoke) sample based unit takes at least 10%, yours is at 4%!
also mine has clumsy installation routine (users would need to put a bundled sample in a certain folder)


There’s nothing clumsy about good house keeping

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Hey, thanks for that! really usefull little helper :slight_smile:

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It looks very cool but I don’t see any controls anymore. That is, I only see: strike, loop, lift, time and curve.

is correct?

This is just the main view. Press enter over the unit header or any of the controls to see the other views.

In general I try to keep the main view to less than 5 controls since anything more feels overwhelming. Related sub-controls are listed under the relevant main controls.

For example,
the attack and decay time controls are under the “time” control view,
the filter peak frequency and resonance are under the “lift” control view,


sorry if the question may have seemed silly but i downloaded and watched quickly.


Nah it’s not silly, sometimes I wonder if people know about the alternate views at all since I don’t usually mention it :wink:

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just explore a little more☺️

Release on v0.6 here Strike v1.0.0 - Filters/LPG/Envelopes/Etc

I’ve cut down on the features a bit